Welcome to the “Metro” of Yerevan

This is  Yerevan metropolitan. Short we call it Metro.



As you can see, it’s nice, fast and ecologically clean. Personally I love this mean of public transport. I try to use it anytime possible. You know why I love it? In summers, it’s super cool there, about 23-24 degrees, and when it’s winter and it’s super cold outside, it’s nice and warm there, so you really enjoy it.

Metro comes every 6 minutes, so it won’t make you wait too long. And it works till 11 in the evening, or till midnight on some special days(for example, when everyone is out to celebrate the city day). Also the metro runs on a 13.4 kilometres  line and currently serves 10 active stations.

A little history: the metropolitan  was launched in 1981 and it is named after Karen Demirchyan since 1999.

 The metropolitan of Yerevan is a very special place, every station is decorated with national motifs and has a special touch, so it can be considered a place of interest.  




So, if you visit Yerevan, make sure to take a trip on metro. You will get the feeling of our city. 

Have a nice trip 😉