Can You Become a Typical Armenian?

Hi everybody! I’ve spent and excellent week since my  sister, who permanently lives in Germany came to visit us. So I want to share some ideas that we came up with, when we were discussing Armenians and what is it like to be Armenian. We asked ourselves, what makes us Armenian? Really, we seem so much different than other people in the world, or at least we think so. What makes us different? There are certain things that are typically Armenian. So, me and my sister tried to point out three main characters, without which you can’t be Armenian. For the first point we both came up with the same idea.




Armenians try to find Armenians everywhere. For example when they finish watching some movie, in the they try to find Armenians in the full cast and crew. Only Armenians can sit and watch the whole cast and try to find some specific Armenian names, or surnames. That’s not a joke. Many Armenians, if not most of them do this. It gives them an extraordinary sense of pride.

Second comes hospitality. It  doesn’t matter where are you from, when have you entered their house, in what conditions do they live. Armenians are very hospitable anywhere and anytime. And the most important part of their hospitality is regale. Even if you’re not hungry, even if you hurry up you must sit at the table and taste whatever you’re served, otherwise you might be offending the host. And no matter how much you eat,  you’ll be constantly reminded to help yourself.Armyanskoe-zastole

Third thing is one of the prior parts of Armenian character. It is conservativeness. Armenians are very traditional and conservative. Throughout their history Armenians have spread all around the globe and there is no country that there are no 3Armenians. There are almost 11 million Armenians in the world, but only 3 million live in their motherland, others are spread around the world. And even in these conditions, being away from homeland and living for decades abroad, Armenians still live with their own lifestyle, as they would have lived in Armenia. They try to bring their children up specifically among Armenian community. They may normally hang out with others, but they mostly marry only Armenians.



So guys these are the main characteristic points for Armenians. Check out if you’re true Armenian, or maybe you have big chance to become one 😀