Yerevan and its Fountains

Yerevan is a really beautiful city. It has many many nice parks in almost all parts of the city. It has beautiful squares, theaters and nice buildings. But what I like the most in Yerevan are its numerous fountains. There are all kinds and all shapes of them.

Have a look at these ones below, they both are in different parks in Yerevan.

Engpark2      yerevan-fountains


Another fountain here is probably one of the most original ones in Yerevan.


kaskadf                 Cascade_Yerevan

So, as you can see, this one is unique because the water goes down not up. This is the fountain on famous Cascade(on the right).

Actually, this same Cascade museum has so many interesting and unique fountains. And all of them are one of the favorite places of young couples to visit.

Of course, like in every city of the world, Yerevan has its main fountains, the so called “mother of the fountains”. And the “mother” is located right in the heart of Yerevan, in Republic Square. Please, see them in the picture below.

hhfount              yerevan-at-night

These fountains are actually SINGING. Don’t be surprised. They really sing. If you happen to come to Yerevan in summer (coz usually at this time of the year the fountains in the city are on) then you will be able to enjoy a wonderful show which starts every evening at 8 pm. The fountains sing and dance. There are always a lot of people from all over Armenia and all over the world who are there to see these singing and dancing. And what is interesting they not only dance, but they inspire the people watching to dance too. I once danced with my boyfriend waltz, well, not only us, but there were a few more couples dancing with us. That was amazing to be honest.

Just come to Armenia. All of its cities are wonderful in their own way. Enjoy the beauty and peace.