Yerevan, full of surprises

People, I have been living in Yerevan for my whole life. I thought I knew everything about it, I knew every tree and building. BUT, recently I started to understand there is so much stuff I don’t really see. There are things I pass by never even noticing what is there. So, I started paying attention to what is not only in front of me, but also above the “level” I see everyday.

So, yesterday I was at the bus stop waiting for my bus to take me back home after work. And suddenly I looked up and saw this HUGE tree right in front of me. I got shocked. I never noticed this huge tree, though I spend at lease half an hour almost everyday there.



Strange how we don’t notice things that are around us. We are too busy going from home to class, from class to work and then back home again. But what if we are more careful to everything and everybody around us, you know, even just noticing and appreciating them is enough. I think this would make the world a better place.

I will keep posting pictures from the “upper” Yerevan, the one people don’t always look at while walking around.

Stay Awesome 😉