Yerevan Urban Fest

September 20 was not an ordinary day in Yerevan. Our partner in cooperation with Boghossian Gardens and the Yerevan Municipality organized the first Urban Fest 2.0 in Yerevan. The event was organized in the Boghossian Gardens, more widely known as “Lovers’ Park”. The weather wasn’t the best, but even that couldn’t be an obstacle for this amazing even to take place.

The festival actually included so many things: there was something for everyone to do. There was a part for people to workout and get some master class from the guys of Yerevan Street Workout. There were so many kids going up to them and trying to do stuff on the equipment. And for those who like more relaxed way of “working out” there was a special yoga class, actually several of them.

There was a special place for the fans of graffiti, there were again people teaching how to do it to the beginners, and here is the wonderful graffiti that was created as a result.


As I already mentioned there was something for everyone to do. For those who like books and readying, there were free books and a special zone for them to sit/lay down and read the book they have brought or have just found there. There were also entrepreneurship classes offered for those interested. Here are some pics of the education room.



One of the most active event was the battle between the ArmBreakDance and the Street Workout. And guess who won…. Of course FRIENDSHIP. 🙂 Here are some of the kids performing (they were actually amazing).


There was still so much more. A group of young people were knitting warm “dresses” for the trees in the garden and thus making it a much more comfortable place to be. A group of people made art-installations with old CDs. It looked so simple but actually made the surrounding much more pleasant.

art   knitting

So, as you can see this was a very nice festival out in Yerevan. Hopefully festivals like this will take place more often and will be contentious.