You EAT and TALK a lot, Mate!!!

On last Sunday, I was having lunch with some Armenian friends who are currently staying in Tokyo. We went to a Chinese restaurant nearby Roppongi (Central area of Tokyo) where they offer Peking Duck for very reasonable price; rather, cheap.

Armenians in Tokyo

Before ordering Peking Duck, I ordered a dish made of beef tripe marinated with soy-source. The look of the dish is kind of disgusting at the first glance especially if you have never tried. One of my Armenian friends said “What the hell is this???”, sounding like he saw something very weird and strange. I told him that it was beef tripe and actually very tasty despite the look. After the persuasion, he tried and actually got to love is a lot!


I don’t remember if there are some dishes of beef tripe in Armenia but if I happened to open a restaurant someday in Armenia, I would have to include it in my menu list.

Armenian Japanese kid

Apart from the beef tripe, there were so many dishes ordered with two Peking Duck which weighs almost 2 kg. They finished all!!! Viva Armenian appetite! Well, actually, I have bigger appetite than them :p.

Japan Armenia friendship ?

As a non-Armenian guy, what I always think when I am with them is that they never stop talking… I wonder why they can actually do that. It is like one person starts talking and the other people continue the conversation even without stops. I am always impressed by the communication skills of Armenians…