Youth and Universities

Universities play huge role in the life of the city. In Yerevan there are several of them. And they are all basically situated in downtown Yerevan; Yerevan State University, Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences, Armenian State University of Economics, and three more of them, not even considering the number of private universities located in Yerevan. These universities of course add some of their own touch to the city Yerevan- like rush hours in the Metro stations, one in the morning and one around two o’clock when the classes usually end in the universities (btw all of them are close to Metro stations).

One of the university which is pretty famous is the Yerevan Brusov University of Languages and Social Sciences. It is known also as Brusov University for short.It is not a very big one, with about 4000 students, but it is still very famous. Especially young boys like this university as it is known for its great number of young and beautiful girls. Whenever you pass by there is always a crowd of boys standing in front of the entrance to the building. Sometimes it can get irritating. 😀

This University is actually my alma-mater. I have done my BA here and now am doing my MA here again. The academic staff is of very high quality, we have professors who work in different offices of Armenian Government, we have professors who are famous in their field of the profession. To be more precise, here, in this University you can get high quality education, if you are willing to. But of course, there are things that go with the education and knowledge. The Student Life, which is organized by the Student Council.

By the way, there are a great number of international students studying here. Only in my group we have two girls from Iran and a girl from Georgia. SO, here you will get an opportunity to meet people from other countries.

I always believe that the youth is the future of the country. And universities are where the youth gets his experience and education.

Love your alma-mater 😉